Behind the Camera

Meet Some of the Best DPs in the Business

Stephen Cocklin:

Emmy-winner Stephen Cocklin. His films with Mackenzie include Inside Special Forces, Afghanistan Revealed, The Counterterrorist, Tsunami: Animal Instinct and others. He is unquestionably the Man With The Golden Eye. He won an Emmy for Afghanistan Revealed. He has won numerous other awards for a lifetime of excellence. The New York Times called his footage "visceral" and "astonishing."

Bill Skinner:

William T. Skinner II, the dedicated professional who typically labored without complaint for six months at the front in Afghanistan -- making two shows for Nightline and a one-hour documentary on Task Force Red Dog for Discovery. Along with working disasters in New Orleans and Florida, he also did another Discovery documentary in Thailand and Sri Lanka for the Travel Channel on the aftermath of the tsunami a year later -- hosted by ABC's Juju Chang.

Peter Jouvenal:

Peter Jouvenal is undeniably one of the most courageous and innovative cameramen in the industry. He has covered wars in all corners of the globe from Afghanistan and Iraq to Chechnya. His work on Mackenzie films includes CNN Presents: Terror Nation and episodes of the ABC series Profiles From the Front Line. Peter now lives in Kabul (at his famed Gandamack Lodge) and in Britain.

Michael Glowacki:

Whether working for an international corporate client such as Pepsi or for mainstream networks such as A&E, the Weather Channel or National Geographic, Michael P. Glowacki (in foreground) is a true professional and a thorough gentleman. His broad background as a shooter, technical expert and as a field producer makes an enormous contribution to any project he works. Born and raised in Chicago, he is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

John V. Collin Jr:

John is a Renaissance Man. As an ace cameraman, a dedicated and thoughtful producer and an extraordinary editor, his presence on any team improves the quality of life -- both personal and professional. His work on “Flight of the V-22 Osprey,” carried out over more than two months in Iraq and several more in “Post” made the film not only entertaining but also a significant document.

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