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The succession: the price of neglecting Afghanistan: An article by Richard Mackenzie published in the New Republic in 1998. The piece warned about U.S. policy toward Afghanistan and the Arab terrorists who had established themselves there several years before the attacks of September 11, 2001.

America and the Taliban: "Fundamentalism Reborn," a book of essays by the world leading experts on Afghanistan, traced the formation and rise to power of the Taliban. Edited by William Maley, it is an essential reference. Richard Mackenzie contributed the chapter, "America and the Taliban," a story of a diplomatic and intelligence vacuum created by Washington but filled by a global oil company and a neighboring country's military intelligence unit.

The Lion of Panjshir: In 1987, Richard Mackenzie made his first extended trip -- more than three months -- into Afghanistan. Trekking on foot and horseback through the Hindu Kush mountains from Pakistan into the Panjshir Valley and beyond, Mackenzie was there to write and photograph a profile of Ahmad Shah Massoud. His extraordinary article, published in January, 1988, won the National Headliner Award and other accolades. It was the first American article to detail what Massoud was doing and how, as well as draw an intimate portrait of Massoud’s unique following among the mujahideen. The full article in its original form is linked here.

The History of KhAD: A chilling history of the Afghan Secret Police under the Communist regime in the time when a resistance movement known as the mujahideen were fighting the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.  By Richard Mackenzie.

The Last Angry Cop: A powerful story of the life and death of a police officer -- then the most decorated in the history of the Dallas Police Department.  But also the most feared. By Richard Mackenzie.

The Hard Toll of the Good Fight: The inside story of the man who became the Dallas Police Department’s highest-ranking black officer, his trials and tribulations. By Richard Mackenzie.

A Case History in the Afghan Jihad: One of several stories that Richard Mackenzie wrote after his lengthy sojourn into Afghanistan with the Afghan resistance, known as mujahideen. This is the case history  of one segment of that war, the battle for bases in the North of Afghanistan by famed guerrilla leader Ahmed Shah Massoud.            

The Sayad Jamal Case: The saga of a chilling massacre that had a huge effect on the Afghan resistance battle against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

Massoud Takes Kabul: In April, 1992, Richard Mackenzie and longtime friend & colleague Peter Jouvenal rode with Ahmad Shah Massoud and his forces as they drove into and captured Kabul. Mackenzie was interviewed by the Associated Press after their arrival in Kabul.

How Congress Fought the Afghan Jihad: The untold story behind-the-scenes in Congressional maneuvers to support the Afghan mujahideen during the Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.

National Geographic - Afghanistan Uneasy Peace: A portrait of Afghanistan by Richard Mackenzie for National Geographic Magazine in 1992 as communism collapsed and the mujahideen took control of Kabul. It was one more chapter in the tortured history of that nation that in large part led to the current crisis.

Kabul Prison Memoir: Italian Journalist Fausto Biloslavo’s dramatic account of life in Pul-i-Charqi Prison after being captured by the Communists in Afghanistan while covering the Jihad in 1987. Fausto was traveling with Richard Mackenzie and Tony Davis when they were separated on a mountain side. Mackenzie and Davis were captured at the same time by Hezb-i-Islami.

Apache Attack: The inside story of Operation Normandy, the Apache helicopter attack that began Desert Storm. Published in Air Force Magazine (10/91), it is unique to read in retrospect. Those aircraft were not even fitted, for example, with a new invention at the time, the Global Positioning System (GPS). Today, GPS units are readily available for motor vehicles and handheld use.

JFK at West Point: In mid-1962, more than a year before he was assassinated, President John F. Kennedy delivered an inspiring address at West Point Military Academy. This speech is regarded as one of the most important he gave. Kennedy was known for his strong support of the U.S. Army's Special Forces, known as the Green Berets.

Omaid Magazine Interview: An interview with Richard Mackenzie in the era before September 11, 2001 and the latest war in Afghanistan when Ahmed Shah Massoud still stood alone in his war against the Fundamentalists.

Roy D. Mackenzie, RIP: 1918-2002 -- An appreciation of a great man's life.

PLAYBOY Magazine: Mackenzie's investigative feature, Playing With Pain, revealed the extent to which the National Football League went to get everything they could out of their players, oftren at the expense of the athlete's longterm health and well-being. Published in November, 1980, the article was a ground-breaking document.

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